If you’ve been directed to this page, or have stumbled across it on your own accord, it’s because you have a deep, undeniable craving for something ‘more’.

Every 6 months or so, I’ve auto published a version of this entry to my blog as my search continues. You see, as much as I am a Professional Dominatrix, I am also a 24/7 Lifestyle Mistress. In my off time, my heart tends to lean towards the satisfaction found in true, genuine, service and devotion. I don’t think I’d be nearly as fulfilled as a Woman if I didn’t have such a thriving stable of collared and very well cherished slaves in my orbit…it’s really just something I’ve always *needed*.

This time of year always makes me think about those varied proximities a bit more. Perhaps it’s all the impromptu family visits or the time taken to reflect on things we’re thankful for, or maybe its the influx of curious clients and certain long term regulars that begin desiring something a little ‘more’, but I see the world around me as being filled with much more ‘possibility’.
After much thought, I’ve decided that I have the room in both my stable and heart for another full time personal slave. While I am already blessed to have several full time devotees, their external lives outside of me remind me of the fact that my days simply have a little room for diversity. You would think a woman like me would find satisfaction simply in my profession alone, but there’s so much to be said for the depth of connection in an ongoing BDSM dynamic.

Real life D/s relationships on the surface often look like, and typically needs to function as; real relationships but with clear boundaries, expectations and a total lack of complacency. This isn’t a role to obtain and settle into. I seek only enthusiastic, engaging, exciting and loyal paramours and only devotion proven over time can get you there.

There also has to be compatibility: both emotionally and in the dungeon and there has to be room in your existence for it, but the pure emotional and physical release that comes from all of those things falling into alignment is positively blissful.

Of course, in publicly noting my intentions, it’s vital that I also make sure a healthy dose of reality is served along side so that I’m not bombarded by suitors looking for versions of slavery that is different from what *I* personally am seeking. Your in person sessions are a mix of BOTH our needs, but slavery – that leans more towards what I am searching for.

My desire is never to build up possibility and dash anyone’s hopes to fulfill a life long fantasy, so I’ll start by painting a picture of the conditions my other slaves operate under, as I suspect any new member of my clan will fall under similar situations.

The very basics…

I don’t just collar anyone who asks. I have loads of requests ranging from clients, fans and even random web crawlers. I sort through thousands of such inquiries and often dismiss them. True suitors understand this is a lifetime commitment – I will not be collaring anyone who I haven’t spent significant time with. Like an engagement, I wouldn’t ever marry someone I’d been dating a few weeks. My collar, my full time ownership, takes time. Often years. If this is something you want and need now – you aren’t ready to make that commitment, you simply don’t know me (nor I you) well enough.

The lifestyle I offer must be enough for you. I say this, not from a place where I refuse to compromise – but from a point where you don’t have to. I’m a polyamorous Mistress, this will NEVER change. If you are hoping for a one on one connection with emotional monogamy or hold out hope I will marry you; that isn’t what my life is about. Don’t convince yourself otherwise if it doesn’t fit your ultimate hopes and dreams. I’ve been courted by those types before and after tons of time and energy poured into mutually moving towards an S&M relationship; it was discovered that wasn’t going to work. It’s heartbreaking, frustrating and unnecessary. Know yourself and what you’re looking for, be honest with yourself and your needs before deeply considering this.

Now, moving on…

My slaves don’t live with me: I know that’s the fantasy; a 24/7 life lived with your Dominatrix, always clad in leather and always holding a riding crop, but I’m a realist – I need space and my home is my own. I also believe my slaves need their space too. While it might sound sexy, no one would hold up to having a demanding Femme Domme breathing down their neck 24/7 and I certainly don’t intend on wearing a corset all hours of the day.

My slaves are all employed and all continue to contribute to their Mistress – I say this specifically to dissolve the notion that being a personal slave is a free pass to fulfill your fantasies without contributing back – a common misconception. Depending on preference, I may choose for that to be a monthly standard offering (for local property as impromptu visits are much easier) or my normal hourly tribute for time in my dungeon if they are not local to create a greater balance. The time they spend with me depends more on our personal schedules than anything else with only a moderate correlation. It is my will to add phone calls, emails, chats, time outside of our dates as I see fit, but it is never their expectation. I pour much more energy and emotion into those who wear my collar, and even those courting it will notice my communication increase ‘off the clock’. While it happens often, it would be completely inappropriate to submit to a Pro Domme for personal slavery in an attempt to bypass contributing to her life while satisfying your needs.

Not all time I spend with my slaves involves BDSM – In fairness it’s a 50/50 mix. I like enjoying the full width and breadth of life with my supplicants. Sure, I’m going to need plenty of time with them in the dungeon, but I also like going out to dinner, running menial errands, going shopping, going on vacation, catching a movie, a coffee or simply making dinner with them at home. I need a rich dynamic that includes both the sugar and spice of daily living. A mental and physical relationship is just as necessary to me as compatibility in the dungeon.

They all have lives and hobbies outside of me – I’ve never believed that when someone is a slave, their every thought should be on service and submission. Honestly, I’d find that sort of dependency suffocating. I require a sort of personal complexity in any suitor who wants to find themselves in my company. I need things to talk about with you – hobbies to enjoy with you – a life outside of me.

They are all incredibly kind, versatile, thoughtful, generous and not the slightest bit jealous of each other – I’m a nurturer at heart, not prone to drama or conflict. I like slaves of a similar frame of mind, those who don’t feel strained to put someone else above themselves, and to not have constant expectations or demands of what their lives should be like. As individuals, I recognize they all have their own unique wants and needs, and as a Top – I strive to strike a balance so everyone is as happy, content and fulfilled as possible. That said, I couldn’t bring anyone into my fold that would disrupt that balance.

It can be a hard thought for some, that I demand monogamy as a Mistress while I am free to have as many partners of any form as I’d like, but there are many of you out there who would agree a Mistress is free to do as she wishes and wouldn’t think any other way. By seeking to be MY slave, I’d expect that to fit your understanding of what *I’m* looking for in a full time ownership situation. I have no desire to change myself in any fashion to fit the needs of someone new. I am content with myself and my life – I may not be a perfect match for just anyone.

Now, if all of that speaks to you on a deeper level, beyond a passing fantasy or something you might grow out of once the novelty wears off – I’d encourage you to make that known to me. I am looking for life partners here and I know this will take time and patience. Talking about it doesn’t change our dynamic at all, it simply opens a door of possibility.

Logistics being what they are, I tend to choose individuals that I’m already seeing on a professional basis, that’s not exclusive to people I’ve already met, but I wouldn’t encourage anyone to seek me out professionally ONLY because they are hoping that will come to be something *more* in the future. That taints what would otherwise be a fun and organic kink dynamic with unfair expectation.

I can’t force, promise or lead anyone on that a relationship is definitely going to happen, it simply has to be genuine and thoroughly natural.