11am-10pm Daily


Phone: 206-712-1794

(Email exclusively preferred
this line is for emergencies only, no texts)

Daily Schedule Updates:Click Here
300/ First Hour
+ 150 Each Additional Half Hour
+300 Each Additional Hour

Up to 24 Hours 3500

Double Dom/me – Contact for details
Couples 350/hr (min 2 hours)
Heavy Rubber 350/hr (min 2 hours)
Click For Info On Monthly Arrangements
280/hr 260/ Additional HR

Phone Consultations
100/15  150/30  280/60

Email Instructions: 100 per email
Custom Photo Packages: 150/set
Custom Audio Packages: 100 per 5 min
Video Customs NOT available

Fully Vaccinated Visitors Only – I Am Fully Pfizer Vaccinated & Boosted

How To Book An Appointment

Quell your nerves
Believe me, I thoroughly understand how much anticipation, excitement and nervousness goes into a first time booking. If you need a little help finding your nerve or getting comfortable with me, let me guide you to this part of my blog where I’ve written extensively about what to expect during your first playdate. Confidence in our connection is vital!

If you’re ready to plan your booking
Please feel free to direct your concise contact to


What information will I need to include in my email in order to schedule?
Your name, age, availability, duration of appointment, areas of interests and references (if any). You are also entirely welcome to share hard limits, past experiences or anything else you think I should know. Please keep it to a reasonable length.

During the pandemic, please also include your vaccination status, mask habits and let me know if you live with anyone unvaccinated, if are a concert goer, attend work or school unmasked or live with someone who is/does so I can be aware of my own risk.


Prepare to talk about your interests with me when scheduling your appointment.
Before you reach out, I really encourage you to give some deep thought to what you might like to experience with me. I specialize in individual attention and thoughtfully crafted scenes tailored for each person I see.  To increase my ability to offer you a phenomenal session, please try to convey as much concise detail cravings as possible. If you’re brand new or unsure what might work for you, my Interests or Fantasies pages will guide you towards the possibilities. Don’t be shy, just breathe, relax and open up!


Make sure you request enough time.
As much as I’d like to, I am almost never able to accommodate time extensions on an appointment same day. Please consider how long you’d really like to enjoy yourself before we finalize the details. You will thank yourself later.


If you are in your 20’s…
You will need a recent reference from an established and reputable provider to see me. If you don’t yet have references, a connection may still be possible. You may also secure your first booking with a 50% non refundable deposit if you are 21-29 without references. If sending verification: please email me your providers contact information & website along with your booking request. *This applies ONLY to visitors in their 20’s*
Thank you for your time, essence and energy!
Always erring on the side of privacy, I will never contact you unless it’s an absolute emergency. While I’d love to send you a follow up thank you note, it’s much safer that I refrain. Please know that I truly appreciate the time we have together! I look forward to it eagerly from the moment we agree to a booking until the second you arrive. I prep, scheme, plan and wait with zealous anticipation each and every time you visit. My excitement never wanes and I’m continually left energized by the lovely playmates that seek me out to explore the dark side of their sexuality. For your trust, submission, willingness, openness and connection, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

How To Make a Good Impression

Hygiene is VERY important to me
When you arrive, part of your preparation will be the offer of a brief shower. Even if you have just taken one at home, this step is a vital part of the mental detachment from the outside world as well as a refreshing way to remove any cologne, smoke, sweat or pollutants that may have accumulated during your drive over.  I have a fully stocked and immaculately clean bathroom with both scented and unscented items, mouthwash, mints, lotions and plus sterile linens to help you freshen up and dust off the outside world.


Arrive 100% sober – don’t bring drugs – don’t bring weapons.
Common sense, but worth repeating. I have a zero tolerance policy here. Don’t drink before you arrive, try sneaking booze, poppers or anything you think I won’t notice. If you don’t have an Rx for it, it doesn’t belong in my space or in your system while you are in my space. I will notice and your session will be terminated without refund…. even if we’ve played before, this will be a complete disconnection of our professional relationship.


Please arrive in everyday vanilla attire.
You may absolutely wear concealable items such as lingerie, latex or chastity devices under your clothing, but everything else will need to come in discreet packaging. Please be inconspicuous.


It’s appreciated that you arrive when you’re scheduled and leave when your session is over.
I take great pride in making sure you get the FULL time you’ve booked, but once that duration has elapsed, please be ready to depart. If you’re the type who likes a long slow unwind after a heavy scene, book a slighly longer engagement so we can better enjoy the ride down. 


If you will be late
Please understand that I most likely have other arrangements scheduled after your booking. Let me know as soon as it becomes apparent to you that you may not make it by your scheduled time in case I’m able to push back those plans and accommodate a few additional minutes to our scheduling. I will do this whenever possible, but please don’t let that be the expectation.


For face to face appointments, tributes are to be placed down discreetly on the table after you’re invited you to sit. Our playtime can’t begin until this step is done, please don’t put me in a position where I need to ask. If our appointment is via cam, phone or email, your tribute may be sent to my email address 24 hours before our date via gift card or cash app.


Know your limits – you are responsible for YOURSELF.
For all scenes, you will be given a series of safewords to ensure you’re easily able to communicate any issues during our time together. Be sure to use them and stay aware of your physical and mental well being during our encounter. While I am intuitive and tremendously experienced  – it’s unreasonable to expect any partner to read your mind – you are the one responsible for communicating any concerns regarding your overall safety or well being. If something doesn’t ‘feel right’ or concerns you, please tell me.

By stepping foot onto my property or entering my studio, you release me of any and all liability for your health, wellness, safety, mental state, injury, infection, illness or accidents than may arise before, during or after our time together. That said, I am incredibly skilled and highly experienced, in 15+ years of my career this have NEVER been an issue or complaint.


If you break it you buy it
Typical wear and tear on equipment is expected, however, if you are responsible for the destruction of any items in the dungeon, you will be expected to pay for them. Especially using excessive force. This includes damage to the floors, my attire, rubber items, furniture or gear.


Please limit penpal style communications.
I’m a busy Dominatrix and a one woman show with VERY limited free time.  I warmly welcome and encourage details when we’re discussing how to plan your booking, but I sadly don’t have time for continuing correspondence or out of scene connections beyond that: outside of a professional context. Let’s save friendly chats, texts, meme sharing and the like for our time together. Or explore one of my many ‘distance domination’ options if you’d like a little more interaction between our sessions.


You want to serve me outside of our appointment?
This is a lovely gesture and one that I never tire of hearing. I know the temptation of offering to clean my home/dungeon, be my driver, companion, web designer, photographer, accountant or test subject can be quite alluring, but overall my personal slaves have this covered. That’s quite literally their job. If you’d truly like to serve me in tangible ways when not in the dungeon, following my fan sites (Only Fans or JFF) is the best way to do this. If that’s not possible for you, engaging my content is the next best thing. Like, comment, retweet on postings boosts visibility and is always a welcome form of service between our encounters.


As someone who relies on the reference system for potential suitors, I’m happy to vouch for you after we’ve met. Typically, references are good for 6-12 months depending on how much time we’ve spent together or how often you’ve visited. My memory is typically quite reliable, however, if I haven’t seen you on over a year – it may be difficult to confirm your status with another provider.

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