Is BDSM painful?
This is usually everyone’s first concern when they begin exploring professional BDSM and let me assure you; these exchanges are based on fantasy, eroticism and consent.
My scenes are uniquely designed for your enjoyment (and mine) so nothing happens here that doesn’t directly result in pleasure; whether physical, mental or emotional, it’s meant to be a positive experience. I do offer a wide range of interests, some are purely sensual and others that have more varying tones of intensity. It’s all up to what each individual suitor craves the most.
What kind of space do you have?
For the last few years, I’ve cultivated the largest and most elaborately equipped private dungeon in Seattle! Lavish, discreet and conveniently located just miles South from Downtown Seattle’s City Center. It is easily accessible from both I 5 & I 90 with free parking, near all major downtown hotels in a very cab friendly area.  The decor is ambient, functional and appropriate for pleasure and comfort. My spacious dungeon is well equipped with a laundry list of bondage furniture, thousands of toys and tools, 3 separate themed rooms, a fully equipped shower, heating, fireplace and AC.
Do I get to tell you what I like?
Absolutely, I insist on it! While I won’t offer you a chance to fully script your session, I will be tailoring a scene to fit your wants, needs and curiosities as they align with my own. I simply do not offer ‘one size fits all’ appointments, so open communication is vital! When booking, we’ll fully cover your interests and limits so I can begin preparing your session. Once you arrive, we will take a few more moments to cover things in a little more depth and make sure nothing left out during our phone chat for clarity. You can leave a lot of the decisions to me once I have a general feel for your cravings, but you’re also warmly invited to share your darkest needs in as much detail as you’d like.
Is this going to hurt or leave evidence?
It can if you’d like, but it absolutely doesn’t need to. Most people need to leave in the same pristine condition they arrive in, so I’m quite skilled at delivering a perfectly intense or tame scene that doesn’t have unwanted aftermath. That said, if you mark easily or have any physical ailments to be noted, please make me fully aware before we play!
How do you handle sanitation?
Diligently and obsessively! I use only the highest quality medical grade disinfectants primarily Sporiciden, Cavicide, Citrus 3, alcohol, bleach and leather/rubber safe sanitizers. I thoroughly cleanse ALL items used during a session after each and every use. dispose of anything that could be contaminated beyond typical cleaning procedures and use nonporous items whenever possible. There’s MUCH more to this and if you’re concerned in the slightest – I’ll gladly offer a more full rundown then I can in this short paragraph.
What if I don’t think I’m kinky enough for you to enjoy me?
Honestly, most first timers have that thought. There isn’t some set list of debauched things that I *must* explore with someone to make the cut. I am absolutely content to start slow with someone – judgment free – at a comfortable pace for you and I promise, I’m going to have a phenomenal time with you.
What if I’m worried my interests are ‘too kinky’ or ‘too out there’?
Another common concern that I’m happy to wave off with the flick of a wrist. I have done just about everything – scenes I truly can’t type out, roles I can’t speak outloud and remember them fondly. As long as you don’t crave anything on my very short ‘don’t do’ list – we’re good. This is fantasy – this is freedom afterall.
What do I need to do to prepare for an appointment?
Several things! Prepare to arrive on time, sober and dressed in neat “vanilla” clothing. Take thorough shower and prepare with an internal cleaning (if applicable). Be VERY thorough, use soap in intimate areas: this will be a proximitious encounter. Be sure to be well hydrated and have eaten a meal of at least 350 calories within the last 3 hours before arriving. Low blood sugar, skipping meals or general fasting causes people to faint and have a much lower physical tolerance which can end a scene prematurely – let’s avoid that! Last but not least, it is beneficial for you to focus your thoughts on what you’d really like out of your session – be realistic in those expectations and be ready to convey them to me in as much detail as possible. Let’s make our time together truly unforgettable.
Do you take same day appointments?
The short answer is: not unless I have a cancellation. I’m pretty popular and love to plan in advance, but sometimes people have to postpone – so when that happens, I do post about it on my twitter feed. That can be found on the left hand side of each page of this site for ease of use.
How much time do you recommend for a first appointment?
An ideal first date will range between 1 1/2 to 3 hours. There is simply no substitute for being able to take our time to learn about each other, deeply exploring the possibilities of our mutual interests…to let the intensity build and savor each activity slowly and intentionally. If this not possible for you, 60 minute sessions are also available. Be aware that even with a shorter meeting, we will still be taking some time before play begins to sit down and discuss interests. I will NOT skip this step no matter how much of a rush you are in. Timing is door to door and my tribute is kept below the market average in respect to this.
Do you enjoy every scene you do?
I always enjoy myself! In fact, I can only recall a handful of sessions in my entire career that I regret. I am picky, I don’t take every appointment that comes my way, I require compatible interests or for you to be flexible and open to new things. Of course, an enthusiastic attitude doesn’t hurt either when messaging to inquire about a meeting. Playing with partners best suited for me, lends high probability to a wonderfully connective and intense encounter for both of us. The only instances where I have not enjoyed myself to the fullest extent, have always been the direct result of rude behavior, the absolute absence of communication or excessively poor hygiene.
Do I have to be submissive to see you?
Not at all. I happily offer BDSM sessions without D/s protocol or power exchange. We can absolutely just have fun acting out our fantasies. You also don’t have to like pain or can be a total novice. This is all about satisfying curiosities!

Do you offer duos?
Yes! I have a number for friends in the industry that I play along side and absolutely LOVE tag teaming a sweet pet. As I can’t advertise for them, returning clients are welcome to inquire which Dommes, subs or bulls I play with and do their own independent research into their websites, tributes, schedule and such. If compatibility is had, multiple player scenes are SO much fun!
Do you ever rent or share your dungeon?
No, I do not. For privacy, practicality, security and legal reasons, I do not rent/share/lend my dungeon out to others in any capacity. No exceptions.
Do you ever switch or take on a submissive role?
No. I am naturally Dominant and only find pleasure that position.
Do you train others to be Dominatrixes?
No. Training to be a Mistress takes a huge amount of time, effort, energy and risk – certainly more than you could ask of an absolute stranger. The best way to develop your skills is by getting involved in the local BDSM community and attending play parties, workshops and seminars. This will all help you gain experience and become more established with the local players who may turn out to be your future clients. There are plenty of resources out there, regrettably I do not have time or energy to assist in a meaningful way.
Do you ever date your clients? Can I take you to dinner? Can we just hang out?
My life is full and quite busy, realistically I don’t have any downtime that’s not accounted for in one way or another. More deeply. I am offering my time on a professional basis and don’t wish to be put in a position to politely decline invitations. It’s nothing personal at all, most of my visitors are incredible and interesting, but with a profession that requires me to be so open, I need to keep it all in balance and our time together behind dungeon doors.
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