Victoria’s Dirty 30!





Honestly, I can’t believe it.

I feel like it was just a couple years ago that I was lying about my age to sneak into bars and excitedly looking forward to when I’d be old enough to rent a car.

Now on the cusp of 30, I’m counting the days until I forever say goodbye to my early youth. I have no regrets, I had an amazing decade: I moved to Seattle, I found and collared two personal slaves, bought a house, bought a car, traveled a bit and spent almost every waking moment indulging my deepest fantasies. I really can’t wait to see what the future holds!

As much as I teeter on whether or not I think yearly milestones are a big deal – I *do* care about this one and will be celebrating in a BIG way.

For those who enjoy the idea of sending a little momento to help me celebrate, I’m still entirely obsessed with Amazon and you can find my Wish List HERE.

I’m also deeply in love with Champagne, sparking wine, gift certificates to awesome brunch places and anything latex, but naturally none of that is necessary.

Material possessions aren’t the only thing that would help me enjoy my special day; just as last year, I fully intend on loading my calendar with appointments revolving around my very favorite activities. So if you’d like to contribute your physical self to my enjoyment – I’m always up for that as well.

I will also be taking a few days off to simply revel relaxation, so from Friday July 18th- Tuesday July 22nd so just a head up, I’ll be unreachable.


Until then, I’m going to kick things off early and treat myself to an overwhelming amount of self indulgence for the rest of my 29th year. Let’s see just how much decadence and and debauchery I can cram into the next few weeks.



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