Lifestyle Top, Professional Disciplinarian, pervert, predator, fetishist and joyful kinky paramour to the submissive and curious – I am Seattle Mistress, Victoria Rage.

A true Libertine at heart, I’m a Woman best defined by my impulses. What I crave, I pursue – what intrigues me, I devour. I’m unapologetic and unstoppable, a provocative force with a single motivation: to uncover and revel in all earthly delights that bring joy to my devious heart. A true lifestyle Mistress a lust hungry, flesh and blood predator.

I live by a powerful guiding principle: in matters of personal satisfaction, you simply have to advocate for yourself. Always. Don’t wait for your pleasure to be granted – find it, take it, yield to it.

Freedom and happiness are obtained only when you are prepared to embrace yourself ENTIRELY, giving yourself personal allowance to enjoy anything and everything your heart desires. No guilt, no shame, no false modesty.

I am an expert in wielding all manners of implements… canes, crops, paddles, bare hand, even car antennae in a pinch. Whether you are a naughty boy to bend over my knee, a peeping tom in need of a lesson, or a bumbling employee in need of correction, I crave making fantasies into real life.

With this in mind, I welcome you to join me! You have my explicit permission to bend to your carnal needs and seek out the moments you crave most. Those indulgences are what bring us the balance needed to brave the rest of our day. It’s earned respite and needed decompression from an otherwise unrelenting gray scale world…and I am SURE you have earned this.

11am-10pm Daily

Email: Victoria.Rage@protonmail.com
Phone: 206-649-4099
(Email almost exclusively preferred)

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280 First Hr | 400 90 Mins | 500 2 Hrs

+ 220 Each Additional Hr