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I've been a kink and fantasy writer for over a decade and one of my favorite things is
inspiring new and heavily experienced people to creative and heightened forms of
play. Below are some of my absolute favorites....
Queen Dominatrix & The Unregistered Slave
You have evaded capture and registration for nearly a year, but after all this time, you've
been seduced by a woman (my hand maiden) who lures you to her bed chamber. She sees
your bare cock, a sure sign you have NOT been examined and registered and turns you in
to me. In a cell, you await examination, trial, punishment!
Full role play write up here!

Body Violation
OK OK I know I talk a lot about this, but hell, there are a lot of you out there are
curious...Here's your chance to take all of it...This session can easily be made into a
Double Domme appointment as the two of us tie you up in a chaos of rope...the classic
BDSM image of Bondage and Violation, exposing you as we go to town. Starting with small
and growing to massive, this intense session will leave you wanting no more. This session
can be toned down for newbies, but regardless - it will be intense.

No Nonsense School Nurse
You've been 'getting sick' at school a LOT lately, particularly on Fridays.
Each time the school nurse has to stop what she's doing (tending to kids who actually need
her) and take care of you....which basically you assure her that all you need is for her to
call your mom so you can go home and 'rest'. She's onto you and she's tired of you taking
advantage of her time.

The next time you fake sick, she calls your bluff: much to your embarrassment,  down come
your pants as she lubes up and inserts a large thermometer. No temperature spike there -
time for a deeper exam as gives your entire body a very thorough once over, noticing the
only thing outstanding about you is the obvious enjoyment you're experiencing as she tests
your health in the most peculiar ways.

You are teased, spanked, drained, but when all is said and done, you are thrown across
her lap for a thorough spanking and a lecture before being sent back to class red cheeked
and entirely exhausted. .

Triple Penetration
This is a little long to type out my fantasy blog for the dirty details on an  
invasion scenario where I turn my captive into an "air tight" plaything!
Full role play write up here!

Stamina Training 101
This session is meant for those who typically have difficulty in this area. Those who are
strong of will already will be denied this type of appointment. When was the last time you
were teased to the point of absolute submission?...balls blue as the night sky and no
options at hand. Spend an hour or more at the hands of a very wicked and seductive
woman who forces the boundary of  tease and denial to a cruel and impossible depth. I
know there are many of you out the who just love to submit to a beautiful woman but are
not so much into pain, so here's your chance to do it. I assure you, I am a master of
temptation, I will make every moment of our time intense, erotic and stimulating...but
ultimately it is up to you to show me the strength of your will...good luck boys.

Executive Bitch
Stiletto heels, tight skirt, a jacket and sexy glasses, the iconic Femme Domme Bitch Boss.
She's pulled together and tightly wound, leaving her absolutely no reason to cut you some
slack at work.

Your job performance has been terrible lately! You come in late, waste time chatting in the
break room and worst of all; you use your company email account to send filthy letters to
girls on your online dating account. You're pathetic and I'm tired of it. You are called to my
office, today's the day you will be held accountable for your actions. What are you willing to
endure to keep your job?  You're immediately stripped of your clothing, your cock and balls
tied tightly into a leash, then down on your knees in front of me while I give you a FIRM
lecture on office policy. Maybe being bent over my desk for a good strapping and violation
session will correct your lazy behavior....or do I have to get a ruler and blister your ass to
make an impression on you? Be prepared to be reminded of what I expect out of your job
performance, and if you don't like it, I'll kick your ass to the curb.

Sentenced To Electrocution
For lovers of psychological role play, bondage, electro play and probing - this scenario is
just for you.
Full role play write up here

My Boy My Prey
Circling you like prey is my ultimate joy in domination; creating wonder, fear and
anticipation in your mind puts me in an unmatched position of power. Like a caged animal, I
aim to make you shiver and quake, beg for mercy and completely seek my approval. Once
bound and beat for no reason other than my sheer amusement, I will show you my softer
side just to give you a taste of what you can earn if well behaved. Then back to the
meaningless pain and outright sadistic torture just to show you who's boss. Can you handle
the back and forth mind fuck of a purely sadistic bitch? Let's find out!

Complete Electrical Immersion
Lovers of electricity, I bring you a session of thorough and total indulgence, engaging the
ultimate in erotic power driven simulation. You will be bound, exposed, laid out or
suspended and guided through a world of sensations you could never singularly imagine.
From pads to prods and a myriad of boxes and attachments - this scene is specially geared
for those who want to either experience it all - or who want to push the limits of their
imagination and endurance.

Doctor Rage
It's been far too long since your last visit to the doctor's office and now thanks to your
negligence, your insurance coverage is about to be canceled unless you send in a clean
bill of health. I have been sent your charts for examination and upon noticing your
predicament, I decide it's time to work you over - only the most thorough prodding and
invasive exam will suffice. A complete visual and physical examination, inside and out will be
necessary. This will include a few small procedures as well - dilation? strap? play piercing?
a full work over with my sensory instruments? Maybe even a mock castration or
femminization treatment. Who knows? I'm a doctor in a position of power OVER'll do as I say or I won't sign off on your paperwork.

Naughty Neighbor
I've been changing at my dressing table for years...I take a hot shower, exit the bathroom in
a slinky towel and put my satin nightgown on in front of my mirror. I thought I saw you
watching me once but you're such a nice guy - my mind MUST have been playing tricks on
me. Last night, I did catch you. I tried to pretend I didn't notice, but you've gotten cocky -
climbing into the bushes right outside the window, watching with your face pressed to the
glass. You hoped the night sky would veil you, but this morning I confirmed my suspicions
by finding your hand and forehead prints on the glass.

I invite you over later for some tea and a chat - you still think I don't know....silly boy. You
very quickly find yourself alone with me, the room is still and you can sense my strict
no-nonsense vibe as I begin to ask you about your evening. Directing the conversation
more specifically, I ask you just how long have you been peeping on me?
Your shock and erection give you away. I am disgusted, angry and not putting up with your
behavior anymore. Prepare to find yourself pants around your ankles bent over my lap.
Your pale upturned ass is about to be blistered with both my hand and hair brush as I give
you a firm lecture about how vile and inappropriate it is to invade my privacy! Perhaps after
your bottom is nice and red, I'll sit casually while I watch YOU strip down and give me only
the most sincere apology you can muster. (CFMN)

The Classic Spanking
I recently wrote a blog post about this and in return, received an out pour of "thank you"
emails and session requests. If you'd like a simple OTK spanking without the trappings of a
full BDSM experience, I am happy to oblige. Before I became a Pro Domme, I was a long
time disciplinarian. I am always happy to pick up my paddle and correct bad behavior on
the backside of a willing recipient. You'll be taken for a little lecture while your pants are
yanked down around your ankles before being pulled down across my lap for a well
deserved punishment. Mild spanking to severe paddling is always available. There's
something so enjoyable about a naughty plaything squirming wildly over my knee.

Public Play & Out Of The Dungeon Scenes
What would it be like to sit across from your Mistress at your favorite restaurant? Having to
follow her strict protocol and rigid rules as you and I carry about our day, shopping, dining
and enjoying a casual (or not so casual) day on the town.  As a new offering, I will be
selectively enjoying out of the dungeon appointments to returning visitors. This can either
be a very strict and structured event where you're given detailed instructions on how to
dress, act, respond and carry yourself while out with me. Or perhaps something more
casual, like getting to know each other in a pressure free environment. Do you need help
picking out the right lingerie or make up for yourself? Would you like to take me to buy
specific items that suit your own fetishes and fantasies?  
Hypnosis and Mind Control
Imagine yourself both physically and mentally helpless, despite your best attempts, your
typical busy mind and sense of self preservation, your find yourself in a predicament of
absolute surrender. This scenario can be adapted to suit a number of physical activities
while incorporating the intoxicating and mentally overpowering combination of sensory
deprivation, bondage, audio commands and binaural beats. Though a bit tricky to detail
here, you'll find I've written a bit very recently about the subject.
Would you like to be my next subconsciously conquered plaything?
Original Blog Here
First Expansion Here

Burgling The Wrong House
Trying to make a bit of money before your rent is due, you decide to pull a job breaking
into a few neighborhood homes. A nice quite little street you've never been to looks like the
perfect place to start and the dark house at the end of the road is simply calling your name.
You skillfully unlock the front door and creep through the darkness, eyeing the mysterious
furnishings and toys before realizing this is no normal house! As you turn to leave, you
hear the click of my stilettos behind you before my demanding voice calls out for you to
identify yourself. Oh, I won't be calling the cops.... I'll deal with you myself!
Full role play write up here
Slave Up For Auction
Admit it, you've thought about this more then once before.. What would it be like to be
trained, prepped and sold as a live BDSM slave to an anonymous audience? Cuffed,
collared, stripped and shown off for a group of eager
buyers', you will find yourself center stage  in your own personal sale!
Full Details Here
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Forced Erotic Photo Shoot
Tied up, trussed up, revealing outfits and humiliating poses. Your Domina wants to use
YOU, her muse, her subject, to create kinky works of art for her dungeon. Whether you like
it or not, left exposed to the camera as I bind you in impossibly vulnerable and delicious
postures; my lens skillfully catching your every move. Would you like to know more?
Full Details Here
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