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This site was lovingly created by Domina Victoria Rage, a nationally recognized Seattle Dominatrix in Washington state. These pages are the physical reflection of
her daily life, kinky career and bdsm related Femdom leanings. All materials are crafted and enacted with consent and abide by all state and local laws.
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I am a Woman best defined by my impulses.

Lustful, unrelenting and insatiable, I'm a true Libertine at heart. What I crave, I pursue - what intrigues me,
I devour. I'm unapologetic and unstoppable, a provocative force with a single motivation: to uncover and
revel in all earthly delights that bring joy to my devious heart.

I live by a powerful guiding principle: in matters of personal satisfaction - you simply have to advocate for
yourself. Always. Freedom and happiness are obtained only when you are prepared to embrace yourself
ENTIRELY, giving yourself personal allowance to enjoy anything and everything your heart desires. No
guilt, no shame, no false modesty.

You have my explicit permission to bend to your carnal needs and seek out the moments you crave most.
Those indulgences are what bring us the balance needed to brave the rest of our day. It's earned respite
and needed decompression - even in the framework of debauched experiences.

I am the catalyst for your deepest cravings; a devout erotic thrill seeker and passionate Priestess of
Perversion. Perhaps the very definition of a born leader and follower of the road less traveled. Filled with
an insatiable sense of curiosity and lust, I'm hopelessly addicted to anything dark and mysterious. My
leanings for the obscure have always shaped my view, its given me a strong sense of attention to detail
and appreciation for the power of subtly. I've been described as welcoming, chillingly intuitive and
possessing a nearly predatory sense of seduction.

My passion for fulfillment is the driving force behind everything in my world. I do not make excuses for it,
nor do I give in to restraint or hesitation when there is no need to. I simply can't help but eagerly follow my
own needs, welcoming others in a sane and controlled environment to do the same.

For me, kink has always been a natural extension of my lifestyle. Before I had words to put to it, I was
drawn to the gratifying lure of control and exploitation; the blush on a partners cheek when I insisted on
punishing them for a small misdeed, the racing heart of a nervous suitor dropping to their knees to tie my
boots at my softly whispered's intoxicating. This has evolved dramatically over the years to
become much more than an impulse; it's a very clear and refined necessity for my happiness

Ever the decadent Woman, professional play itself isn't my only vice. For those curious about my personal
life and the authenticity beyond my persona, let me share that I have been a Lifestyle Mistress too for as
long as I could expertly hold I leash. I love spending as much time with my 4 personal slaves as I do with
my visitors. Through years of devotion and service they're earned their collars, completed their training
and ever strive to bring pleasure to my life. I write about them quite often, detailing the lavish experience
of a 24/7 TPE Polyandry lifestyle, it's a never ending pursuit for me.

I realize now that I have been very fortunate to have a plethora of wicked and wonderful volunteers to
distill my interests along the way, honing them into skill, finesse and expertise. It's a gift I don't take for

At this point in my life, I have now been immersed in this decadent profession and lifestyle for over a
decade and I don't see that changing anytime soon. With a wealth of experience under my thick leather
belt, I can think of no better focus for my attention and enthusiasm than to guide curious suitors to the
uncompromising bliss of total surrender.

Whether that means surrendering to me or more directly, to the moment itself, I will teach you to let go,
give in, and get lost with me.

There are many paths one can take with a Dominatrix and BDSM naturally has many definitions which are
unique to each person involved. I will respect whatever boundary or meaning that has for you. I take
enormous pride in being a responsible and trustworthy Top, balancing a drive to push you with the sense
of security and comfort you need for such precarious situations.

Therefore, my main concern, aside from our mutual enjoyment, is the safety and well-being of my visitors.
BDSM is not supposed to be something experienced with shame and regret. It's a release, a way to
express yourself, to feel sensations that defy description and in most cases, it's a way to relinquish power
and control to relieve yourself of life's typical responsibilities. Harmless fun and unparalleled escapism.

Basically, darling, what I'm saying is that it doesn't matter WHY you enjoy the things you do or what
curiosities bring you to my doorstep...just accept it....indulge it and let me open your eyes to something