Amenities & Equipment

My dungeon is a spacious 1400 sqft multi room studio, dedicated strictly to all
things kink! Located just a couple miles South from the heart of downtown
Seattle, directly off both I5 & I90, my space offers free discreet parking, a private
off street entrance, fully equipped shower, heaters, fireplace and AC as well as 4
separate themed rooms for various play.

While the list of toys and tools I've collected in the past decade would be too
tensive to list, a rundown of  my dungeon furniture and a few specialty items is
a little more manageable.
Sanitation Practices

One of the most important aspects of my pre-scene preparation is the complete
sterilization of my dungeon.

I would never feel comfortable in a space that appeared dirty or unkempt and I would
expect my visitors to feel the same way. More importantly, aside from just having a
place that looks sterile, I can assure you that I practice nothing but the most diligent
sanitation practices comparable to hospital standards..

All toys and tools are subject to a strict cleansing process that includes Isopropyl
Alcohol, Bleach, Cavicide, Citrix 3, Sporiciden (a medical grade germicide/fungicide),
Antibacterial soap and boiling water, alongside varying disinfecting sprays and wipes
for my leather and latex goods.

I use non porous toys whenever possible, but since this it not always the case, I also
use condoms for all insertable toys and nitrile gloves. All leather items, restraints,
equipment, glass wear and surfaces are given this same treatment after each session.

All linnens used are cleaned with hot water and bleach, run through two cycles; any
items soiled with bodily fluids are disposed on

Lastly, I also have the entire dungeon professionally cleaned weekly and the carpet
shampooed once a month.
  • St Georges Chair
  • Spanking/F*ck Bench
  • Punishment Horse
  • Gyno Table
  • Floating EMT Table
  • Suspension Rack
  • Multi Positional Rack
  • Metal Crucifix
  • Venus 2000
  • Fuck Saw
  • Liberator Esse Bench
  • Liberator Ramp
  • Flogging Post
  • Goddess Throne
  • Domestic Area
  • 2 Erotic Swings
  • Standing Ball Pillory
  • Medical Exam Table
  • Medical Restraints
  • Standing Jail Cell
  • Bondage Cage Bed
  • Interrogation Chair
  • CBT Chair
  • Violation Chair
  • Leather Sleep Sack
  • Canvas Bondage Sack
  • Full Leather Body Harness
  • 25 Various Sensory Dep Hoods
  • Nova Pro Hypnosis Machine
  • Audio Hypno Equipment
  • Visual Hypno Equipment
  • Deprivation hoods/body bags
  • F***ing Machine
      (used at my discretion)
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Dungeon Furniture
Specialty Latex Equipment
Electrical Immersion Equipment
Eros 312B (54 attachment accessories)
PES Box (13 Attachment accessories)
Zeus Digital Power Box (10 attachments)
Traditional Violet Wand (6 attachments)
Deluxe Violet Wand Kit (12 attachments)
Electo Anal Plug
Electro Urethral Sound
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Latex Sheets
Rubber Body Bag
Rubber Inflatable Bondage Bag
Rubber Straight Jacket Body Bag
Rubber Straight Jacket
Rubber Mummification Bag with Access Holes
Full Isolation Rubber Hood w breath play holes
Latex Vac Bed (currently awaiting repair)
7 Latex Fitted Latex Hoods
2 Specialty Heavy Duty Rubber Gas Masks
6 Rubber Gas Masks
6 Heavy  Rubber Bondage Straps
50 Ft of Rubberized Rope
3 Rubber Gags
1 Inflatable Rubber Gag
2 Breath Play Rubber Gags
1 Cock Gag
Rubber Suction Pumps
Rubber Urethral Prods
Rubber Venus 2000 Sleeves
Rubber Gloves