Available Programs

Inactive Key Holding: $50/wk and includes *very minimal contact*. This is
simply an option for those who enjoy being held accountable but don't require
a lot of interaction. You will send one photo a week noting your progress and
displaying yourself still locked up tight, my responses will be prompt but brief.

Basic Key Holding: $100/wk and includes a weekly check in of your
progress and instructions for self teasing, mandatory porn viewing, 'no
touching' rules, time out of the cage, or anything else my mind comes up with.

Active Key Holding: $150/wk and includes 2 weekly emails to monitor your
progress, rewards or punishment meted out as needed and various
instructions as noted above.
Local Visitors

It is my firm preference to lock you into the device myself, and if they are new
to you, to show you how to properly clean and maintain it during your normal

This is best done as a high protocol session lasting one hour, however it can
easily be made a part of any appointment - especially those revolving
around cruel tease and denial.

Distance Training

For those I won't have the pleasure of seeing in person, I prefer to be given
a photo before and after you've locked your device on. One key will be
mailed to me and another you will put in a safe but not easily accessed
location. For those using serial coded locks, I will require a photo of you in
the device and with today's newspaper clearly visible.  Please ensure all the
lock digits can be clearly read!
Do you ache to feel the restriction of a rigid chastity device closed
snugly around your family jewels? To know that your most primal of
impulses is under the tight lock and key of an unflinching Dominatrix?
Ready to get started?

I take chastity very seriously, so give thorough consideration before choosing
me as your key holder. I will not be letting you out of your device before the
agreed upon time for anything less than an absolute emergency - and I do
not consider your suffering to be an emergency.

If you will be coming to be locked into chastity face to face, you will schedule
an appointment by following the instructions on my booking page when you're
ready to move forward.

For those of you who will be enslaved from a distance, you will send me an
email with your desired program after sending payment via Amazon.com
E-Gift Card
Website (send to victoria.rage@yahoo.com).
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