Gifts, tips and tokens of affection are NEVER
required or expected. However, since many
suitors regularly inquire about my interests, I've
gathered wish list to help those who are curious.

Note: If you happen to have the address to
my dungeon and wish to ship an item not
listed, please ask me first. Under no condition
can items be shipped my way using my stage
Favorite Gift Cards  (email to

Vosges Chocolates: My absolute favorite confectioner
Playful Promises: Sexy, cheeky and my daily go to for my sensual style
New! Nordstrom - For all of my coveted couture (Search: Victoria Rage, Seattle Wa)  
Kiss Me Deadly - Sublime lingerie for my inner sensual Goddess. - Pure unhindered shopping pleasure at my fingertips - my most favored gift card.
Honour Clothing - Top notch latex clothing and fetish gear.
Westward Bound - The source of all my custom made rubber attire.
Mr S Leather- A supplier that needs no justification, high quality BDSM gear available on demand.
White House Black Market - Would you like to indulge my vanilla side? They are undeniable masters of the 'little black dress'.
Favorite Items

Alexander McQueen anything
Sam Elderman Heels/Boots
Frye Leather Boots/Bags Cards & Vouchers
Quality BDSM Gear
Latex & Leather Clothing
Leather Hoods
Unique erotic toys
Quality Electro Gear
Erostek Electro Attachments
Exotic Torment Toys
Lelo Vibrators
Medical grade silicone dildos
Musical Gear (Distortion Pedals)
Decadent Treats

Brut Champane
Frans Chocolates
Alma Chocolates
Lagavulin Scotch
Bowmore 12 Scotch
Honjozo Sake
Pinot Noir (from the PNW)
Red Blends from the PNW
European Absinthe
Small Batch/obscure spirits
Unusual or Artisinal Sweets
Spa Gift Cards (head to toe)
Lush Store Items
Donations to Animal Charities
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Cathouse Clothing

Name: Cheetah Bustier Dress
Size: Large
Color: Natural Tan
Honey Birdette

Name: Ashleigh Dress
Size: 3
Color: B
Link to buy: Click Here