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My Blog Has Moved!
If this is the very first time you are crawling across my website, let me extend my hand and warmly welcome
you to my devilish world of dark carnality.

This sensual sanctuary is a safe place to explore and be explored under the expert hand of a true
Dominant Woman who wants you to be as comfortable with yourself and your lusts, as I am with my own.
There's no hindrance here, just pure unfettered gratification and indulgence.

I'm sure you'll fit in here just perfectly...

For those of you who are unfamiliar with me or my sterling reputation, I urge you to start your journey by
reading through the pages above, not only to pique your interest, but to help you find a deeper
understanding of the woman you are pursuing.

I am entirely unlike any Dominatrix you may have encountered before; being both a long standing
Professional and Lifestyle Mistress, my offerings are naturally much more personal, passionate and well
defined then most would expect. Kink, is my obsession and my's not something I turn on and off
like a switch, it's simply my all pervading infatuation.

I happen to be a very open, intense and hedonistic Domina, focused on pursuing my own pleasure just as
much as yours. I highly prefer scenes that are mutually enjoyable and immensely creative, so to help me
make that possible, anyone courting my offerings must be prepared to open up to me, share your deepest,
and perhaps unspoken, secrets and be ready to explore new territory. I promise to be gentle if you ask me
nicely (novices are always highly encouraged).
A sense of comfort and trust are essential when connecting on such an intimate  level, so with that in mind,
I have gone through great lengths to give you a taste of my personality and the possibilities that lie ahead
of you. Even if you're shy, uncertain or feeling a throbbing sense of nervous arousal brewing inside you,
don't hesitate to take this chance to get to know me!

Above all, I'd like you to know that I intend to give you an experience that's well beyond your expectations
or imagination. That is my very purpose, to build on long held fantasies, to make them more vivid and
obtainable, and most importantly, to awaken a side of you that has perhaps never been given an
opportunity to fully come to the surface.

I assure you that despite my enthusiasm, I will always be respectful of your firm boundaries. I will listen to
your wants, needs, limits and fantasies, then within those parameters, I will facilitate an experience that's
highly inventive and tailored entirely to you! You will never forget what happens behind my dungeon
doors....I intend to be the gasoline that turns the spark of your curiosity into a raging inferno of desire and

Now please, take a moment to enjoy my website, I look forward to enjoying you soon....

With Diabolical Intention,
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