Cleanliness is next to.......

One of the most important aspects of my pre-scene preparation is the
complete sterilization of my dungeon.

I would never feel comfortable in a space that appeared dirty or
unkempt and I would expect my visitors to feel the same way.

More importantly, aside from just having a place that looks sterile, I can
assure you that I practice nothing but the most diligent sanitation

All toys and tools are subject to a strict cleansing process that includes
Isopropol Alcohol, Bleach, Sporiciden ( a medical grade
germicide/fungicide), Antibacterial soap and boiling water, alongside
varying disinfecting sprays and wipes for my leather and latex goods.

I attempt to use non porous toys whenever possible, but since this it
not always the case, I also use condoms for all insertable toys and
nitrile gloves. All leather items, restraints, equipment, glass wear and
surfaces are given this treatment after each session.

While I sanitize my space after every session, I also have the entire
dungeon professionally cleaned twice weekly and the carpet
shampooed once a month.

I will never be able to accommodate a session in close proximity to
when another one ends for these reasons.

My "short notice" sessions are only available if my schedule is
relatively empty for the day.