Glory Holes, my very own
personal slave, is available for
those who long to indulge a bit
beyond the typical realm of

Anonymous encounters,
experimental play or forced  
exploration happen to be his

Being a bit of a masochist and an
open minded submissive, he is
also available as a 'co sub' for
those who feel more comfortable
bottoming alongside a more
experienced slave.  
Amy is a refined, feminine and
Temptress in her
late-twenties with an insatiable
erotic submissive streak and a
limber yoga body to ,match.

A courtesan by day (and
occasionally by night), her
evenings are filled with lusty
encounters involving rope,
spanking, forced service,
nipple play, sensory arousal
and tease and denial.

Amy is available to join my in
scene at my studio only.
I am very blessed to work with such a diverse collection of wonderful independent practioners and talented kinky friends.
Below, you will find a little information on the lovely ladies and gentlemen I am proud to call my deviant cohorts.

Please note; these wonderful individuals all have their own unique schedules and required donations that I have no
control or coordination over. To schedule a collaboration, please contact me  directly for more details.
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Jade is a lovely, fierce, versatile
and sharp witted Dominant force
of nature, in short - I positively
adore her.

With specialties that include some
rather racy and unique forms of
CBT, deep role play, corporal
punishment, smothering and body
worship; you will find yourself
desperately trying to take what
she doles out just to see what she
can dream up next.

Sessions with Jade are available
at both my dungeon or her studio.
Worship worthy, endlessly gorgeous and
brutally sharp witted; make no mistake, you
are no match for the  potent beauty and
devious mind of Ruby Enraylls.  

With a style that encapsulates classically
iconic Hollywood glamour and lavish
seduction, she is a true diety - and you will
find yourself absolutely desperate to kneel
before her.

From erotic teasing, taboo role play and
crucifixion, her lusts are boundless and all
over the kink map. She is the duo partner
you will require when you're ready to
explore the absolute depth of your
personal stamina and physical boundaries.

Due to an allergy to latex, duo's with Ruby
and myself are available in HER Freemont
dungeon only. Outcall fee for my time will
Jessie Sparkles is a well reviewed and
professional kink provider. When
creating scenes, he draws on 5 years
of experience as a professional
dominant as well as many more years
of switchy kink play in his private life.

He has experienced much of the kink
world from both sides of the equation
and truly loves sharing his experiences
with his playmates, new and old alike.

A few of his specialities include
bondage, flogging, needle play and
electricity. He is particularly skilled at
finding ways to connect with his
playmates and relishes guiding others
on their path of exploration and

Sessions with JS and myself are
available in my Seattle dungeon.

Classic Bettie Page with a modern
twist. Lady Vi is the perfect f
usion of
cruel and kind.
Playful and
she will gleefully guide you
through the dark side of
your desires
with energy and
intensity to spare.

Her passions include full body
impact play, CBT, mental and
emotional sadomasochism, fear, TPE,
public humiliation, corporal
punishment, human puppy play,
captivity, trampling, and classic OTK

A lifestyle Sadist and cruel Mistress,
her every breath exuding a unique
brand of sinister sexuality and natural
born female dominance.
I don't need to introduce this woman, I
likely don’t need to tell you anything
about her – if you haven’t lived under
a rock for the last decade or so, you
already know about the Goddess in
human form that is Mistress Matisse.

She’s a BDSM icon and sex industry
trailblazer, by some chance, I’ve
charmed her into working with me for
duos by request.

I won't bore you with a long list of
specialties, but I will say this woman is
every bit the soft Seductress as she is
an accomplished sadist all wrapped up
in one gorgeous and enigmatic

Sessions with MM and myself can be
held in either my dungeon or hers.
Koi Erotica
Mistress Matisse
Jessie Sparkles
Lady Vi
Submissive Amy
Jade Thunderstorm
Ruby Enraylls
Glory Holes
Dominant, submissive and sensual
chameleon, she’s everything she
needs to be as the moment strikes..

I have no doubt you poor boys will
be left utterly unable to remember
name once she and I are done
with you….

or those who are curious about
exploring your own Dominant side
Koi is the perfect companion to help
guide you to those more stern

A exceptional partner in her own
right, duo's between this Seductress
and I are available in my Seattle
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